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"Drawing from Bernards background as a graduated graphic designer, his artistic practice is a fusion of influences that encompasses acrylic painting on canvas, paper collage, photography, vintage aesthetics, minimalism, and an exploration of human relations. Each artwork he creates  is a testament to his unique artistic voice, embodying a visual identity that is instantly recognizable, much like a well-designed logo. "Just as a logo captuers the essence of a brand, my artworks encapsulate distinct narratives and visual identities that set them apart. Employing vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and layered compositions, I strive to capture the essence of human connections in a way that leaves a lasting impression." 

Bernard S. pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, deconstructing traditional notions of representation and reconstructing reality through his own artistic lens. Through dynamic explorations of form, color, and composition, he invites viewers to engage with the fragmented nature of existence and the complexities of the human psyche. 

Rooted in his love for vintage aesthetics, particularly from the 60s era, his art exudes a timeless charm and nostalgic appeal. 

By distilling complex themes into visually striking arrangements, he invites viewers to reflect, ponder, and discover their own connections within the layers of his art. Ultimately, his artworks transcend mere visual representations. "Each piece is a distinctive and recognizable emblem that reflects my artistic vision and invites conversations." Much like a logo leaves an indelible mark on the viewer's consciousness, his artworks capture the essence of human experiences, connections, and emotions.

born 1974

Croatian Artist and Designer, lives and works in Germany and Croatia

 1990  Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo

 1992 Interruption of the studys because of the Balcan war - Escape to Germany

 1995 University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld- focus Grafik / Painting

 1999 Diploma by Prof. Jochen Geilen

 2002/04 Bielefeld University - scientific assistant,

Designer for the IWT, Bielefeld (Institute for Science and Technology Studies )

 From 1999 freelance designer/artist

 Since 2004, the owner/founder of a design studio


Collette Home, " A night in Paris" New York

Dorotheen Quartier in Stuttgart: - Gallery Singulart , Group show


Kantgaragen / STILWERK Berlin, Kantstraße 126 - Berlin, Germany, Group show

In The Wake Of Movement / artplexgallery - Los Angeles, CA, USA, Group show

Life In Colors - Colorful, Powerful, Beautiful / f6 - the open factory - Vienna, Austria , Group show


Jockey Club / Hong Kong, Solo show

Paul Smith NO. 9 ALBEMARLE STREET - MAYFAIR - London, UK, Solo show


Artsleuth - Hong Kong, China, Group show

Artplex Gallery - Los Angeles, USA, Group show

Kutlesa Gallery - Goldau, Switzerland, Group show

Artnet - New York, USA, Group show

2018 - New York, USA, Group show

Art Acacia - San Francisco, USA, Group show

Singulart - Paris, France, Group show


Pikto Gallery - Zagreb, Croatia, Solo show


Carlos Reid Gallery - Florida, USA, Group show

Saatchi Gallery - London, UK, Group show

Artwista Gallery - Berlin, Germany, Group show

Artspace Warehouse Gallery - Los Angeles, USA, Group show


Kulturort Depot Dortmund - Dortmund, Germany, Group show


Berswordt-Halle - Dortmund, Germany, Solo show

AAF - Art Fair / - Brussels, Belgium, Group show

International Artexpo / - - New York, USA, Group show

Art Monaco - Monaco, Monaco, Group show

44|88 ArtRaum - Berlin, Germany, Group show

Bushwick Open Studios - New York, USA, Group show

Studios 26 Gallery - New York, USA, Group show


Observation II / Blaues Haus - Dortmund, Germany, Solo show


Draftsmen Underground / Friedrich-Heinrich Colliery - Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, Group show

Draftsman Underground / Gallery FH Bielefeld - Bielefeld, Germany, Solo show


Merkatorhalle - Duisburg, Germany, Solo show

Collective exhibition / Center for interdisciplinary research - Bielefeld, Germany, Solo show


Aldegrever Society - Münster, Germany, Group show

Artist grant of the Aldegrever Society - Münster, Germany


St.Joseph Church - Bielefeld, Germany, Solo show

Artist scholarship of the Albertus Magnus Society - Paderborn, Germany


International Literature Cafe / - - Bielefeld, Germany, Group show


Stop the war in Croatia / - - Rhénanie-du-Nord-Westphalie, Germany, solo exhibition


Collective exhibition / Gallery of the Academy - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina




Aldegrever Society, Germany


Solitude Castle, Germany


ZiF Art Collection, Germany


Artist Scholarship of the Aldegrever Society - Münster, Germany

Artist grant from the Albertus Magnus Association - Paderborn, Germany

Artist residency "Drawing Underground" - Kamp-Lintfort, Germany


Aldegrever Society, Germany

Solitude Palace, Germany

ZiF art collection, Germany

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